Placenta Encapsulation

This is an additional service offered to moms who would like to include their placenta as a postpartum supplement. In many cultures, the placenta has been used medicinally for thousands of years. It is thought to be rich in in the nutrients and hormones needed to recover more readily from childbirth. There are a variety of potential benefits such as: an increase in general energy, a quicker return to health after birth, an increase in the production of breast milk, a decrease in the likelihood of baby blues and postpartum depression, a decrease in the likelihood of iron deficiency, and a decrease in the likelihood of insomnia or sleep disorders. 


  • TCM Encapsulation (Traditional Chinese Medicine) - Involves steaming the placenta, dehydrating it at a low temperature for several hours, then grinding it into powder form and placing the powder into the capsules. Fee is $225

  • High-Potency Encapsulation (raw method) - Involves drying the raw placenta at a low temperature, keeping a high level of the hormones and nutrients, and leaving the enzymes intact. These capsules contain a higher hormone content than the traditional pills. Fee is $250

  • Placenta tinctures and prints are offered as add-on services for a small additional fee.