Virtual Doula Services


There may be times when in-person doula services are not possible. If your hospital has a temporary policy in place limiting the number of support people, or if you are out of state, virtual support may be an incredibly effective and helpful alternative. If you are interested in finding out more about this service you can send me an email through the Contact Me link and we can set up a time to chat.

Virtual support includes:

  • Phone, email, and text support throughout pregnancy

  • Educational resources 

  • One to two virtual prenatal consultations - At these appointments we will talk about the birth process and your birth preferences. I will help you create an effective and useful birth plan. Any fears or concerns regarding your baby's upcoming arrival will be discussed. I will give you specific tips and information regarding your place of birth based on my years of experience at nearly all area hospitals. Useful tools and suggestions will be given to help you prepare physically and mentally for your upcoming birth. I will make sure your partner feels prepared and confident giving plenty of guidance, tips, and suggestions.

  • Phone/virtual support in early labor - I will help you assess the status of your labor and give you and your partner helpful tips and suggestions for progress and comfort. I will also help you assess when it is a good time to leave for your place of birth.

  • When you arrive at your place of birth, doula support will continue via Facetime/Zoom, texting, and/or calls by phone. I will help guide you and your partner with position changes, comfort techniques, breathing, and coping skills. I can help you with decision making and answer questions along the way. 

  • Postpartum support via phone, text, or email up to six weeks postpartum.

*For an additional fee, in-person doula support can be discussed. In this case I would assist you during your labor while you are home prior to leaving for your place of birth. 

Doula support whether in-person or virtual has the potential of greatly influencing birth outcomes.