"It’s almost impossible to overstate how amazing it was to have Morgan be a part of my labor and delivery. Not only did her physical skills and strength allow her to greatly minimize my labor pains by using counterpressure techniques, she also advocated for me in a gentle and clear way when I was unable to speak due to labor. She is a wealth of knowledge, a true gentle spirit and peaceful presence, and when I was feeling overwhelmed, she knew to pray for my husband and me during delivery. She has so much knowledge about babies as well, and helped me prepare during pregnancy, as well as during recovery! Morgan also was such an important part of coaching my husband to help me through labor and delivery, and we both agreed that the money we spent to have her be part of the process was the best money we have spent in years. I would recommend anybody having a baby hire Morgan, and we definitely will again if we have more biological children! She is a true blessing!" - Kelsey H.

"Morgan was the best decision we could’ve made with the birth of my first son, Samuel. I wanted a water birth but the hospital won’t allow you to use the pool if you test positive for COVID, which I did. Not only was I unable to have a water birth but my water ruptured prematurely so my whole birth plan went out the window! It would’ve been very hard for my husband and I to cope with the situation if Morgan hadn’t been there to help us along. She gave strong support over the phone for every question we had until we finally called her to the hospital. Once she arrived, she brought a calming presence with her. She rubbed my back and feet, had peppermint oil when I was nauseous, and new when to back off when I needed a breather. She was amazing support for my husband when he needed a break or needed back up. She was firm when I needed strength and gentle when I needed comfort. When I decided to have an epidural, she made sure I was 100% confident in it. It ended up being a blessing! She was there through the pushing and stayed after the birth to make sure we were feeling good. I’d recommend her to anyone! Thank you Morgan, Ajay and I love you!!" - Christina S.

"Morgan is incredible! This was our first baby and it was pretty rocky with a gestational diabetes diagnosis and then a low amniotic fluid diagnosis that completely derailed my birth plan of a water birth. But Morgan prayed over me and my baby so many times during the course of my pregnancy, was there for advice and just letting me talk it out, and calmed me through the rough patches. In labor she was a calm guiding force that was absolutely invaluable for myself and my husband. My husband didn’t know how to help, even though he was desperate to. Morgan showed him how to help me through contractions and was there for me every step of the way. In the end, I did a completely natural birth with no pain meds and could not have done it without Morgan. I kept saying I couldn’t do it, she kept telling me that I already was. Highly highly recommend." -Heather U.

“Morgan was fantastic!!!  She truly is the perfect doula! Having a home birth, we knew it would help to have Morgan be there to support and help us through our experience. Morgan was extremely helpful before our birth, during, and after! She made her schedule work with mine and was there when I needed her each time. She provided much advice ahead of time on how the day of labor would be and help me set some expectations!! When I went into labor, she came immediately when I called and started diving right in to support, encourage, and help me in every situation I was facing. She was calm the whole time and didn't hesitate to get things I needed when I needed them. I was more than blessed to have her on this journey with me!!! So grateful in so many ways!” -Tamee C.

"I had Karla on my birth team three years ago with the birth of my first daughter, and she helped me to feel empowered and present when my hoped-for unmedicated birth became a lovely epidural birth due to intense back labor. This past year, I became pregnant with my second daughter and wasn’t going to hire a doula - my first birth was so great that I planned to go with an epidural again, and I didn’t know if we could afford a doula again. Then Covid numbers started rising, hospital policies started tightening and changing, I had a prolapse that was making me question whether I’d even be able to have a vaginal birth, and baby girl kept flipped from breech to vertex to posterior and back again. Finally, my husband decided that we needed a doula, and when I reached out to Karla (whom I knew had recently retired), she recommended Morgan! I am so grateful for Morgan’s calming and prayerful presence in our labor room - she supported us physically, emotionally, and spiritually, helped with positioning during my epidural birth, and responded to the Holy Spirit’s leading throughout our labor and birth. She even prayed over us just moments before our daughter surprised us by birthing herself with zero pushing from me. I cannot say enough about how vital Morgan was to our birth. I highly recommend her and am so excited that she is the new Atlanta Christian Doula!" - Caitlin S.

“My first birth was intense, stressful, and a lot of intervention was involved. My husband and I didn’t know how to advocate for me. My nurse was not nice and made me feel like a burden.  With that being said, for my second baby I decided to have a different experience. When I called Morgan and we spoke for the first time, I felt so relieved! She understood my concerns, answered all of my questions and assured me she was their to advocate for me. When our sweet girl decided it was time, she came to my house and helped me labor here for a couple of hours while my contractions got closer and then we headed to the hospital. The entire time she kept me as comfortable as possible and continued to keep me positive when I thought it was getting to hard! You can feel the passion she has for what she does and how much she loves her mommas! I could not have asked for a better doula, my experience this time around was so different she went above and beyond keeping me comfortable and being available anytime I needed her. If you are looking for a reliable, compassionate, and strong doula, she is your girl.” - Mayra S.

"I'm convinced that I would not have had as successful of a pregnancy or birth without Karla. She helped me understand my body and labor with being a first time mom and helped me stick to my goals without pushing any agenda. My labor was quicker than expected and because of Covid the hospital was challenging. Karla fought for me and advocated for me with the staff and helped me find courage I didn't have...She led me and my husband through the most beautiful birth that I am so proud of. Without her I would not have had a natural and joyful birth. She helped me fight through fear and doubt. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone! I'm so thankful for her.  - Emily J.

"I can honestly say that Karla made our birthing experience something truly amazing. Not only during but before and after; she was always available to me to provide empirical information throughout my pregnancy. My husband, in particular, acknowledges the power of her presence in the room with us to help us stay calm and execute natural birthing techniques that work! Although we had to deviate from our birth plan to ensure the safety of myself and the baby, Karla was supportive, encouraging and played a huge advocacy role for me and my husband as did our best to navigate our fears and faith through the journey of our lifetime. A true and sincere recommendation of her services. You will not regret it!!" - Daron E.

"I can't say enough great things about Karla and her doula services! During my entire pregnancy she was a constant support always checking in to see if there was anything she could do or if I had any questions. When my labor started (10 days past my due date!) she was right there offering spiritual, emotional and physical support. She was very attentive to our wants and needs and never missed a beat in helping me through every contraction. If I ever lost focus in a contraction she would calm me by reassuring me how great I was doing while providing physical relief through different techniques. I highly recommend Karla and her services if you are expecting!! - Brittany B.

"I did not have a doula for my first birth. I didn’t even know what a doula was! I had a scheduled c-section that was unnecessary leading to a traumatic birth experience. I knew the second time around I wanted to have a different outcome. I wanted a VBAC, I wanted to be present for the birth and I wanted to be informed! That’s when I did some research and learned about what a doula can offer. Karla was the perfect fit. She has experience and provides a wealth of knowledge. She walked us through all of our options, suggested supportive providers (so key) who would help me achieve my goal, and when the day came, she was by my side helping me talk through some choices I had to make and reassuring me, even down to holding a bag for me when I was sick. The resource provided for my husband was so valuable, too! When he could see my doula was calm, he was calm and felt secure. She guided him to support me. I went into labor during finals week of his last semester in college and knowing my doula was by my side he was able to finish a paper in the downtime! The services are so valuable! I got the VBAC that I so desired and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Karla! " Katie B.

"I can't begin to explain how wonderful our experience was with Karla as our doula. She was with us every step of the way starting with the beginning of the pregnancy until we delivered our child. She was always available throughout my pregnancy with all the questions I had. I loved that she also would check-in regularly throughout my pregnancy to make sure I was doing all the recommended things to ensure success with my birth plan. She was very supportive of whatever plans or decisions I made and was constantly fighting for me to ensure I had what I wanted. Karla is not only professionally trained and experienced with any situation you may deal with, she also cares deeply for her clients on a personal level. I don't know how my husband or I would have made it through our labor and delivery without Karla. The best thing we did was hire Karla as our doula."  -Meagan I.

"When I went into labor, Karla was amazing in helping me through the twenty hour process! She was such a support to not only me, but my husband as well.  When my doctor wanted to give pain meds and pitocin at 7cm because of stalled labor, she was an amazing advocate and helped encourage me that I could do it naturally since there were no issues with me or the baby.  I couldn't have done it without the help of Karla.  As hard as it was to go through the entire process, I WILL use her again for future births.  I greatly appreciate everything Karla did for our family during this very exciting time in our lives." - Mandi M.