"I'm convinced that I would not have had as successful of a pregnancy or birth without Karla. She helped me understand my body and labor with being a first time mom and helped me stick to my goals without pushing any agenda. My labor was quicker than expected and because of Covid the hospital was challenging. Karla fought for me and advocated for me with the staff and helped me find courage I didn't have...She led me and my husband through the most beautiful birth that I am so proud of. Without her I would not have had a natural and joyful birth. She helped me fight through fear and doubt. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone! I'm so thankful for her.  -Emily J.


"I can't even put  into words my gratitude for Karla. She is an amazing doula! I know without a doubt I couldn't have had my unmedicated VBAC without her. Her calm but strong presence helped make childbirth more bearable. Every tip and pain relieving method she shared/used helped so much! Her encouragement and coaching were so empowering. Because of her I was able to do the hardest thing I've ever done. She's worth every penny and so much more." -Kristina M.

"Karla is an amazing doula. She is affirming and encouraging without dismissing the difficulties of pregnancy and birth. She is kind and gentle and assertive when the situation calls for it. I am so grateful for her presence at my birth. She brought comfort physically, emotionally and spiritually. She is quick to respond and a great source of knowledge for all things pregnancy related. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for support during labor." -Sarah M.

"Karla Riley was literally a God send. He picked her just for us. After a c-section with my first son, I felt conviction very early on about an all natural VBAC with our second. This idea at first seemed daunting and highly unlikely. However, my desire to not repeat the grueling experience

of a c-section was strong. At this time, I began to research the idea of a doula. I looked at a lot of candidates. However, when I came across Karla online, I could tell before I even met her, she was the one. We met, and she was such a calm, informative, lovely person. As the pregnancy progressed, she quickly responded to any questions I had, and never made me feel like I was bugging her. The answers I received were always informative and helpful. Around 34 weeks I found out my son was posterior. I feared all that this entailed. Karla was very encouraging about what I could do to help turn him, and never doubted that this would not alter our plan. There were times this position was very painful, and our baby boy stayed posterior the entire rest of the pregnancy. I also went past 42 weeks, but felt strongly that there was no need to induce. Karla supported this and called often to check on me, and remind me why I was doing what I was doing. She sent scripture and was just such a counteraction to the nay-sayers. Finally, I went into labor, and for 19 hours, Karla was by our side. She encouraged my husband and my mother who were also present, in regards to what they could do to be involved in helping and supporting me. She had amazing relief techniques and was great about helping me to change positions and keep labor going. During the most intense parts of labor, transition and pushing, I heard her voice talking me through everything. This birth experience would NOT have been possible without Karla. God placed her right where He wanted her to be that night, and we are so glad it was with us. Now we have our second beautiful son to love, and we couldn't be more grateful." -Shaunna F.

"Words cannot express how thankful we were to have Karla with us during our birth experience! She was a knowledgeable , patient, and comforting presence during our birth process. We loved having someone we could trust help us navigate such important decisions. She was kind and respectful to us and to the hospital staff. We appreciated her calming presence and her steadfast spirit. We would 100% recommend using her for your birth! -Erin P.

"With my first, my inexperience, lack of knowing what to expect, and fear of not making it to the hospital landed us there WAY too soon in early labor. I ended up with pitocin and an epidural that I didn’t want simply because I was so exhausted and nothing was “progressing.” My second two births came after tons of prodromal labor that looked just like my “not progressing” labor with my first, and I’m confident that if I had had Karla with my first, the birth would have looked TOTALLY different! Having Karla to constantly talk to and get advice and insight from during all of the prodromal and early labor was absolutely invaluable to me, and I believe crucial to the perfect natural births I was able to have!! She’s seriously the best and we can’t possibly be more thankful for her and everything she’s done for our family!!" - Shaina E.


"Karla made our child birthing experience such a positive and memorable time. She kept me focused on God and the goal. I will use Karla for every child I deliver and she has made a huge impact in my families life. She is the BEST!!" -Meg S.


"Karla was awesome! She was so supportive before I had my little guy and after! She makes herself available to her moms for any type of question they may have or if they just need someone to call for reassurance. For the birth, i know I couldn't have succeeded with my unmedicated natural birth experience without her. My husband appreciated her even more than me (if that's possible). She was very calm and accommodating during labor but was strong when I needed help making decisions and I was out of my mind with exhaustion. Ever since the birth of my son, Ive told all of my friends (especially FTMs) that they should hire a doula - better yet, hire Karla!!! " -Stephanie H.


"Karla is absolutely amazing! Not only was she an absolute angel through a very long labor (51 hours!), she was there to help guide my husband and I through all our questions before, during, and after the birth of our daughter. We truly don't know what we would've done without her during labor and delivery and are so thankful for her guidance, kind heart, reassuring faith, and gentle spirit!"  -Liz J.


Having Karla as our doula was the most wonderful experience and I would highly recommend her to anyone. My husband and I both thought her services from beginning to end were incredible. It gave us such relief even before the birth process to have someone so accessible to ask questions to. She is incredibly selfless and was so encouraging and supportive through my entire 49 hour labor. Her passion for what she does is very evident even in the extremely long hours that childbirth can sometimes be. She allowed my husband rest at times during the process which made him stronger in times when he was needed most. She will always be a huge positive memory from our first child's birth. She is excellent at what she does!" -Leah S.


"When my husband and I met Karla, we both felt very peaceful about hiring her to be the doula for the birth of our firstborn son. She was extremely warm and inviting and answered every question we had, since we were completely new to doula services. I knew that when I went into labor, Karla was going to be a huge support to both my husband and I during it, as that proved to be true. The whole labor process was 48 hours, Karla was there for me via phone during pre-labor and present during active labor until the birth of our son. I wouldn't have been able to birth our little baby boy drug free without her presence and encouraging me along the way. She was always two steps ahead of me. She encouraged me greatly with words, prayer, different natural techniques to help labor progress and also encouraged my husband throughout. It was the best decision to hire her as a part of our birth team!" -Rebecca M.


"Karla is amazing!!!! She helped me achieve a successful, amazing VBAC. She goes above and beyond the call of duty and makes you feel comfortable throughout the whole experience. Words cannot even describe how amazing she is. My husband is still singing her praises too!!" -Catie H.


"I can honestly say that Karla made our birthing experience something truly amazing. Not only during but before and after; she was always available to me to provide empirical information throughout my pregnancy. My husband, in particular, acknowledges the power of her presence in the room with us to help us stay calm and execute natural birthing techniques that work! Although we had to deviate from our birth plan to ensure the safety of myself and the baby, Karla was supportive, encouraging and played a huge advocacy role for me and my husband as did our best to navigate our fears and faith through the journey of our lifetime. A true and sincere recommendation of her services. You will not regret it!!" -Daron E.


"I can't say enough great things about Karla and her doula services! During my entire pregnancy she was a constant support always checking in to see if there was anything she could do or if I had any questions. When my labor started (10 days past my due date!) she was right there offering spiritual, emotional and physical support. She was very attentive to our wants and needs and never missed a beat in helping me through every contraction. If I ever lost focus in a contraction she would calm me by reassuring me how great I was doing while providing physical relief through different techniques. I highly recommend Karla and her services if you are expecting!! -Brittany B.


"I did not have a doula for my first birth. I didn’t even know what a doula was! I had a scheduled c-section that was unnecessary leading to a traumatic birth experience. I knew the second time around I wanted to have a different outcome. I wanted a VBAC, I wanted to be present for the birth and I wanted to be informed! That’s when I did some research and learned about what a doula can offer. Karla was the perfect fit. She has experience and provides a wealth of knowledge. She walked us through all of our options, suggested supportive providers (so key) who would help me achieve my goal, and when the day came, she was by my side helping me talk through some choices I had to make and reassuring me, even down to holding a bag for me when I was sick. The resource provided for my husband was so valuable, too! When he could see my doula was calm, he was calm and felt secure. She guided him to support me. I went into labor during finals week of his last semester in college and knowing my doula was by my side he was able to finish a paper in the downtime! The services are so valuable! I got the VBAC that I so desired and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Karla! " -Katie B.

"I can't begin to explain how wonderful our experience was with Karla as our doula. She was with us every step of the way starting with the beginning of the pregnancy until we delivered our child. She was always available throughout my pregnancy with all the questions I had. I loved that she also would check-in regularly throughout my pregnancy to make sure I was doing all the recommended things to ensure success with my birth plan. She was very supportive of whatever plans or decisions I made and was constantly fighting for me to ensure I had what I wanted. Karla is not only professionally trained and experienced with any situation you may deal with, she also cares deeply for her clients on a personal level. I don't know how my husband or I would have made it through our labor and delivery without Karla. The best thing we did was hire Karla as our doula."  -Meagan I.


"When I went into labor, Karla was amazing in helping me through the twenty hour process! She was such a support to not only me, but my husband as well.  When my doctor wanted to give pain meds and pitocin at 7cm because of stalled labor, she was an amazing advocate and helped encourage me that I could do it naturally since there were no issues with me or the baby.  I couldn't have done it without the help of Karla.  As hard as it was to go through the entire process, I WILL use her again for future births.  I greatly appreciate everything Karla did for our family during this very exciting time in our lives." -Mandi M.


"Karla is an incredible doula.  In spite of the fact that it took 35 hours after my water broke to deliver my son, and that I had to have a bit of pitocin because of how long my water had been broken, Karla helped me birth my baby without any epidural or pain medicine.  I really believe that I would not have had the natural labor and delivery that I hoped for without her.  She was a huge advocate for me and my husband, especially when I was ready to push and there were no doctors to be found!  She also was a superstar at keeping my husband and mother involved in the labor process which was very important to me.  Not only did I feel her support during the actual labor process, but she was very attentive and available as soon as I hired her.  I genuinely felt cared for by her.  She was a source of support, advice, and a listening ear as little issues came up with my pregnancy toward the end.  My husband and I are extremely happy with our decision to hire Karla.  My mother and nurses also commented on how great she was.  I would highly recommend Karla Riley as a labor doula.  Not only do you get her doula skillset, but you get a compassionate friend and a source of spiritual support as you embark on one of the most significant days of your life. -Nicole W.


"Karla was an amazing help during my prolonged labor. She prayed with and for me and offered encouragement when I wanted to give up. She kept me calm when things didn't go the way I dreamt and having her there meant my husband could get much-needed rest when he was worn out. My labor lasted 41 hours and Karla was by my side for over 30 of those hours. I know God put her in my life to get me through my labor and for that I'm so thankful. God bless you, Karla! -Elizabeth P.


"Karla helped me achieve the birth I was hoping for, even after having to be induced early due to complications. She supported me through some very tough hours - her confidence during labor and delivery helped me stay calm and focused. I would wholeheartedly recommend Karla to anyone who is hoping for a natural delivery!"  -MaryJo H.