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What is your WHY?

Recently I’ve come to this question a lot with expecting mothers. They have specific desires for birth but there is a block.

My insurance only covers at this facility.

My provider only delivers at this location.

Family members are not supportive.

Negative or seemingly traumatic stories cause all the what ifs to spiral in your mind.

Or a mother doesn't know where to start so she says, "I'll just go to my closest OBGYN, and they'll point me in the right direction."

Mama, I urge you to stop right there. Ask yourself:

What is my WHY? (This goes for EVERY birth decision)

What is your heart and reason behind the decision you are making?

Ask yourself, am I letting culture and others dictate my decisions?

Am I letting God lead or the world lead?

So often, mothers do not give themselves time to process their desires BEFORE making decisions. There is this overwhelming urgency to get in with a provider the moment a positive test is seen.

Give yourself a moment (or two or three or fifty!) with the Lord. Ask for His desires in your pregnancy and birth. Give Him your firsts. HE is your ultimate provider. No one else.

Educate yourself. There are AMAZING resources about pregnancy and childbirth, ones that aren't tainted with cultural or biased influence. Read about natural, physiologic birth. Read about God's natural design. IT IS INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL!

If you are not pregnant yet but have the desire, even better- Start now! It's never too early to educate and prepare. Give yourself TIME with HIM!

Don't miss what God may have for you in your birth. I say this with all due respect- no one else knows what is best for you and your baby. Your mother doesn't know. Your best friend doesn't know. Your provider doesn't even fully know.

GOD KNOWS. Let Him lead you. Follow His guidance. He will not lead you astray!


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