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When are you due??

When are you due?

Every pregnant mother has heard it... And what is your response? Do you give an exact date even though it is only an estimated due date to begin with? Let’s break it down…

You’ve taken a pregnancy test and bingo! It’s positive! Now what?!

Your eyes grow wide, your palms start to sweat, and a thousand questions start to flood your mind. With technology at our finger tips, you quickly Google “Calculate due date” and with a few short entries, voila! A beautiful magical date appears.

From this moment, that date becomes engrained, consciously or subconsciously. Not saying this is wrong, but now what you choose to do with it MATTERS!

In ancient times, a mother wasn’t given a date on when her baby would be born. She intuitively learned to listen to her body, noticing changes and patiently waited.

She was not given a date that spurred on apprehension when her baby was so called “late”.

She was not given a list of unjustified excuses on “why she shouldn’t go past her due date”.

Instead, she was surrounded by women in her community, encouraged, prayed over, and supported as she transitioned into motherhood.

Sadly, our modern world has greatly changed how birth is handled, even though physiologic birth has never wavered.

What you choose to speak and have spoken over you MATTERS!

Instead of seeing your “due date” as an endpoint or goal, remember IT IS ONLY AN ESTIMATE!

You have a birth window, not a deadline.

When asked “when are you due?”, give a season, month, time frame, or “only God knows” because in reality, this is the truth!

Anticipate going past your due date. If baby decides to come early, it will be a great surprise! If you don’t think past, fear will creep in when your due date approaches and baby is still nice and cozy inside.

FAITH cannot live where fear resides.

Instead of filling your mind with wonder or anxiety on when your little one will arrive, honor this time with things that bring you joy and are uplifting.

Spend time with friends, family, and ones that pour love into you.

Soak in positive affirmations, scriptures and birth stories (NO negative stories allowed!)

Go outside and spend time in nature. Take notice on how nothing ever seems to be in a rush in God’s creation.

Start to take notice and simply ask yourself, “What am I letting in?”

“Who am I listening to?”

“Who is in my immediate circle?”

This circle can be comprised of physical people, authors of books you are consuming, public speakers or videos you are watching, etc.

And this is a biggie... Is God at the center of your circle? Are you leaning into Him before anyone else? Tough question that can be hard to swallow I know (I am with you- I have remind myself of this on regular basis) but sit in this question. Really ponder.

Your thoughts come from what you are consuming. What you think becomes your reality.

So… the next time someone asks “when are you due?”, how will you choose to respond?

Comment below your thoughts or experience with this during pregnancy.


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